Hard Work Basketball

Skills Trainer and Coach: Jeff Tucker

Coach Tucker was born and raised in Tennessee and has played basketball all his life. After coming out here to L.A. he met and made friends with almost every person in the city that played basketball, including a young Mike Farmer whom he immediately became friends with.  In high school he was a walk on to the team at North Hollywood and secured a spot. Coach Tucker made it onto the defensive all city team as a senior and was ranked 4th in average blocks a game at 9 along with 14 rebounds. While playing a pickup game at Pierce College he was asked by the coach to play with the team which at first he turned down, so coach wright invited him to join the staff at Pierce. Eventually Coach Tucker did get talked into playing at Pierce for one year before moving back into coaching.  A few years after gaining some coaching experience at Pierce coach Tucker decided start coaching & training the kids from the local parks and schools. Coach Tucker loves to play and coach it’s one of his passions and loves to help young players increase their game.