Hard Work Basketball

Skills Trainer and Coach: Mike Farmer 
From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Michael Farmer has played with various organizations, shared the pavement with professional athletes and conquered many-a-court. During his tenure in the Pro Am league, he has managed to climb the leader board to #1 in steals and assists. His ball handling coupled with full court press technique and unprecedented coach-ability, was revered by several of his coaches that named him Captain and MVP of his teams.
  Mike has never been a stranger to Hard Work and now more than ever with raising four children. He is a diligent coach, dedicated father and has an undying passion for basketball. His lot in life is to ensure he raises Hard Working and upstanding adults. That's when he realized the powerful combination of teaching youths the ins and outs of this great sport, all while building outstanding character within each individual youth that he has the opportunity to work with. Mike has encompassed the knowledge to properly train all while having fun.
  Under the premise that Mike's past success on the court will serve as the driving force to his training methods and his passion will serve as the 'backbone' of his operation, rest his personal commitment to the youths that join this promising program.