Hard Work Basketball

  Gabrielfell in love with basketball at age 2.  He would frequently be found shooting at the basket in the backyard with his two older brothers.  He first played organized basketball in a development league for 5-6 year olds and literally ran circles around the other players.  He then played with i9 Sports for a season.  Again, it was clear that he needed more of a challenge.  In Feb of 2016 he and Hard Work Basketball found each other and it has become quite the pairing.  Although he is usually playing against kids at least 2 years older, Gabriel’s size and age are of no concern to him at all.  Gabriel is fearless and always competes.  He’s very coachable and has an outgoing personality.  Off the court, he enjoys swimming, playing video games and he really loves cooking.  

11u Hard Work Basketball

Gabriel B.